Saturday, May 28, 2016

I'm Back And Better Than Ever! An Update And A Return Message!

Hello, my dear readers and followers!

I am very excited to announce that I have made the decision to return to writing Midnight Candle. There has been a void in my heart without it. I know I last posted many months ago, but I hope some of you will at least will return and maybe some new folks will join us, too. I think I left due to needing to expand my own personal spirituality before I could feel obligated to write more. And yes, this I have achieved.

There's a new twist to my spiritual story. I am now practicing as a Shamanic Witch, and indeed, I have found my first in-person group to celebrate, learn from, and explore with. My group meets in my local Pagan store (that will be in another post) and we all come together for drum circles once a month under the enchanted light of the full moon. There is nothing like the serenity that comes to my spirit when we pass our burning sage around. It's almost as if the serenity is an ingredient in such a peace-giving plant. I am extremely happy to be a part of a very small, yet loyal spiritual group. Our group is still in dire need to extend its members, but anyone is always welcome as they should be.

During the several months I was gone, I took it upon myself to continue using my Oracle cards. I picked up on learning more about herbalism. Finally, I've started to make loose leaf tea blends to accompany my growth. I have fallen in love with Mugwort's profound ability to enhance my dreams. That I can explain more in detail later! Spiritually speaking, I've evolved. With that evolving process, I have the capability to bring you more interesting content, inspiration, and things to learn. I hope you can join me in this spiritual evolution and use my fuel as inspiration to evolve your own practices and beliefs.

Also, I have evolved emotionally and academically. I've been struggling with depression and OCD. That may have interfered with my writing of this blog. I've been back on antidepressants for several months and am feeling able to do things again. I also enrolled in my college's massage therapy program. I hope to use my passion for spirituality to incorporate into my future massage practice. When school comes around, life will get hectic again, but this time I feel I can persevere. This is just a brief update. I don't want to keep you long. To all my old and new followers, here is a big thank you. I've seen that this blog STILL gets pageviews on a weekly basis. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! :) I couldn't have been more blessed for that. I will be back with some interesting content!