Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Mystical Medallion: An Interesting Story

I have an incredible urge to share my eerie story with you. This happened just last night in the wee hours of the morning, just after the Witching Hour ended for good.

Earlier last night, I was spending time at my boyfriend (Also MC's Graphic Designer!) Eddie's house. Months ago we found a strange medallion in a drawer in his living room. We never questioned the meaning of it until last night, when I decided to go through his family's junk drawers for entertainment. Our little metal friend peeked back out.

I grabbed the silver medallion and then Eddie's eyes went wide. He said, "What do those symbols on it mean? You should know!" Out of my utmost curiosity, I said I'd examine it, but after a hard glimpse and several educated guesses, I confessed to not having much knowledge on what the symbols were, derived from, or meant. We were shocked just by looking at it. His entire family is filled of pure Athiests; no one in his family tree would dare to believe in any form of the soul or God. We had no clue why this medallion was using his living room as a habitat and we did not know how it got there and how it managed to stay there for years, always unnoticed. My inner-Witch instinct told me to study the medallion further, so I went on Facebook and posted pictures of the medallion on there with demands for any leads to find out the symbol meanings. My response system started very frail; the first group of people said they appeared to be the moon phases. Most of the symbols were, but there were these two symbols in the middle that looked strangely off. I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, more crowds became involved in the discussion, a long train of passengers wanting to get to the destination of answers. Theories started being debated; but at the time, it did not matter. It was already late and Eddie needed to get me home. After a long drive filled with a dull silence, I arrived home and went to my bedroom and turned on my desk lamp. This is where it gets freaky.

I was about to change into pajama pants when I remembered the medallion was still in my pocket. Of course, I didn't want to lose such a valuable object of study, so I decided to place it on my lamp's base to return to in the morning. I placed it down. Within a few fast seconds of placing it down, BOOM! My lamp flashed and died out. The TV downstairs made it's cheesy little noise that indicated it was turning off. My alarm clock began flashing, the time reset itself to 12:00. The obnoxious printers downstairs went off. Everything was dark. Taken by immediate surprise and shock, I snatched the medallion off the lamp, and then the lamp turned back on and the equipment downstairs played their reset songs and turned back on. A power outage! The weather was very clear of storms and threats. It was a soothing, slightly chilly night. That was it. No storms, no storm warnings. I heard someone walking around the kitchen. Startled by what this newfound object had just supposedly done to my house, I plopped into bed and faked being asleep. The power outage was clearly sudden yet strong; it woke one of my family members up and I could hear them investigating the problem with the clocks. I laid in bed with pure confusion. Eventually, I fell into a normal state of sleep.

To end the story, I've been searching for more answers on the medallion's symbols and for what could have caused it to make a power outage against my lamp. Several people believe the power loss was a message from the other side, or that maybe the previous owner's energy has been imprinted on the medallion and was trying to communicate something negative with me. I personally am thinking that maybe the material of the medallion and my lamp was invoked by the light's heat too much and caused a blow up in the power. Obviously, the weather had nothing to do with it. I'm now wondering what the cause of it was and what these symbols may mean. Advice with this epic tool would be helpful. For some eye candy today, here are two pictures of both sides of the medallion. If you or someone else may have answers, feel free to hit me up via Facebook, Twitter, or my blog e-mail and I'll make a follow up post if I get enough responses.

Is this my witchy calling? ;)

                                 First Side                                                                Second Side