Thursday, June 30, 2016

Herbal Magick101: Mugwort


I'm going to start a new "Theme Series". Every once in awhile, I will make a post about an herb I recommend to consider using in your own spiritual practice. As of now, I have fourteen herbs stashed neatly away in small mason jars (a picture will be uploaded of them soon!). Being a Shamanic Witch, I highly appreciate the use of plant medicine in my practice. Herbs are extremely helpful. If you haven't started up on studying herbalism yet, I totally recommend it. Today's plant of choice to write about will be my beloved and utmost sacred plant, Mugwort!

Mugwort is an herb the Wise Women would use back in the splendid ancient days. Mugwort would be used for menstrual regulation, vivid and/or lucid dreaming (I'll touch base on that in a second!!), out of body experiences, astral travels, fertility enhancement in women, and it is a strong suit to help you in any divination method you use to enhance your sessions from its prophetic qualities. The scientific name for Mugwort is Artemesis Vulgaris. It can be found growing in Europe, Northern America, Asia, and Alaska. It is typically an invasive plant within a garden. Legend has it that if you put the herb in your shoes, it can help relieve sore feet! This I haven't tried yet, but I will. From personal experience, I can confidently assure you that Mugwort is quite a holy herb for how it helps induce your dreams to become vivid or lucid. I haven't yet experienced a lucid dream, but my dreams do become more vivid when I ingest it. I have only ever ingested this herb by taking it as a tea. If you make it into a tea by itself, the taste is slightly bitter. You can always add honey to the Mugwort tea or you can can use other herbs in your blend that have sweeter components to them to remove some of the bitter taste. If you want to pursue using Mugwort, I STRONGLY recommend you do extra research. Mugwort contains thujone, a neurotoxin. If the human body is given too much thujone, this can lead to fatalities but it is extremely rare. If you're ever making loose leaf teas, always, always, ALWAYS consult your doctor prior to ingesting your chosen herb. These plants can counteract with prescribed medicines and can lead to complications. Also, please do not regularly consume Mugwort or any other kind of herbal tea. Mugwort should not be taken if you are pregnant or you think you are pregnant. The FDA does not have enough evidence on how these plants can affect us in the long run. To be on the safe side, I only ingest Mugwort every full moon if I can.

If you'd like more information on Mugwort, you can always comment below or continue extra research. Do you have any herb you'd like me to teach you about next time? Leave your thoughts below and please don't hesitate to subscribe!