Saturday, September 27, 2014

Keep Your Books Out Of Christian Homes: My Story

I have a twisted piece of advice for all you this fine morning...!

Don't use Ouija boards...or purchase related books and store them in your Christian home. 

I made a very stupid mistake one year ago that I just learned about yesterday. It was a tear-jerking experience, yet somehow I held myself together (mostly). 

Around last November, I was reading a book based on several different theories of the accuracy of Ouija boards. I did make two boards or so around that time and used them to exercise my skeptic perspective on them with a dear friend. The boards themselves weren't a big issue; I went the dishonest route for a period of time and hid them in my basement out of fear to know what my Catholic mother would think of me, but later I decided to stop hiding it and tossed them out and moved on with my life. This isn't the point. 

I was going through some family issues at that time. Out of frustration, I went to live with a friend for a little bit, and I so happened to leave my Pagan, Wiccan, and occult books at my house because I felt I could trust my family to not toss my belongings in case I'd need the rest. My twin sister is also Christian like the rest of my family. She didn't (or doesn't) like the fact I'm Pagan, yet she'd still respect my beliefs as much as I'd respect her beliefs. During the time I wasn't living at home, she started to feel uncomfortable with my Ouija board theory book being in the house. She told her boyfriend about it and they created a plan to remove that specific book from me behind my back, thinking I wasn't going to return home anytime soon. My sister snatched my book out of my old bedroom and brought it to our mother and told her she'd be tossing the book without me knowing. Apparently, our mom agreed to it without mentioning anything about how I'd feel if I found out. My sister and her boyfriend took it outside and burnt it. I came home a week later and never realized it went missing. Today was a different story. I was spending time with my boyfriend, my best friend, and my sister at my boyfriend's house. We got into the conversation about playing Ouija, and that was when my sister admitted what she did behind my back. At first, I laughed, trying to brush it off, but then I thought, "My own sister stole my property and destroyed it!" I purchased the book with my money. My anger came out and I told her I was hurt that she would do something like that to me. Of course, she tried to clear her name by saying "It's in the past!" and, "You said you didn't use it much anymore!" but ultimately I was still hurt. I shed a few tears in the backseat of her car by our friends. My anger approached my mother. I decided to stand my ground and confront her about the scenario through a text message since we were far gone from my house. My mom claimed that she did know my sister actually went through with that and didn't know she meant that she would burn it. My mom owned up to it a tiny bit, apologized, and said my sister should have talked with me instead. My sister admitted that also. But, after I let cuss words pile on my lips, I began to reflect on the situation. Now I know that maybe keeping my Pagan related books in my Christian home is not the best idea anymore for the sake of my sanity! For the record, I made it clear with my sister that my trust for her has gone down and that there will be consequences if she does something similar to me again. 

Lesson of the Day: If you live in a Christian home and you want to own Pagan, occult, or metaphysical books, keep them somewhere that isn't in your home to show more respect for your family's beliefs AND to prevent your precious books from being burned! 

Karma's a bitch.