Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pagan Equality & Mental Health/Abuse Advocacy: The Purpose of This Blog (Please Read!)

It is with a heavy yet encouraged heart that I want to announce my reasoning for the future development of this blog...due to my own personal life experiences and the horrors I feel will happen in this world, I want to use Midnight Candle not ONLY as an informational Pagan blog, but I would also love to use it to promote Pagan equality in the modern day world, healing of mental health disorders, and for the healing of abuse survivors that may have been attacked emotionally, physically, spiritually, or sexually.

Yes, I am a survivor myself of some of those brutal realities.  I won't go much in depth over what I had endured only because this is the Internet and I do need to keep my private life private. With that being stated, I am extremely passionate about equality and mental health topics. I would like to promote those and write occasional posts related to them in hopes I can somehow help people. With this blog and my future novel, The Water And The Wind, I hope to help others and to inspire others to make a change when it comes to dealing with abuse and mental illness.

As for the novel, it will be a fictional psychological thriller following a teenage girl who has just come to terms with the fact she is not Christian as she was raised to be. She discovers Wicca throughout her early childhood, but does not understand what it is until she has reached her teenage years. Dealing with social anxiety, she plunges into the world of cyberspace. There she makes a friend in the same situation and she encounters a virtual romance that she wants to blossom into something she can hold. The story will detail the case of this girl's inner demons during a time of adversity, all when a cyberstalker learns of her secret beliefs and threatens to cast them out to the people in her real world. I plan to self publish this novel within the next year or two through Amazon. The inspiration for this has made me decide that at least half of the profit this book will make will be donated to mental health and abuse charities. As for now, I want to utilize Midnight Candle as a way to spread some type of love and healing in the world until this book can help even more.

Please support this page as we're in the process of allowing something great to happen!