Sunday, July 6, 2014

All They Had Was Faith

Just my mumbling thoughts here.

I've been thinking about how the ancient people, our starting mothers and fathers, and how they had it in life compared to how we have it living in the modern century.

We have electronic technology.  We have vehicles to travel. We have GPS to tell us where we're headed. We have grocery stores to get easy access to food. We have mobile devices. We have A/C systems. We have light. We have a whole medical industry established. These things are great, right? Our lives are easy. We don't need much for survival because our government supplies us with that gift.

The ancients had to thrive on their own. No texting. No calling. No doctors to prescribe them medication. All they had was wood, fire, stone, and their harvest to rely on. They had one another, a strength in numbers. But, they had nothing that we have today. Instead, they invented the first forms of technology to enhance living. They used herbs as healing medications.  They used a slowly made fire to make their meat safer to consume. They didn't have the FDA to tell them how to prepare safe food. They had one another. They had feet to walk on. They had fields to grow. They had the Sun and Moon as their global alarm clock. The ancients utilized what little they had and reached their goal of survival!
They had to establish the first basic tools to enhance production in order to make reliable technology.  We have only expanded upon their first ideas. They had made our generations. We have simply expanded their original creation. I feel the ancient people have done more for human existence than we have; they started it all!

They may have had other people and those tools, but what really pulled them through was their strong belief in their Gods and Goddesses. They needed something to believe in to help push them on. Religion was the best way to achieve that motivation. Without faith,  I believe humankind would not be surviving today.