Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Maiden vs. Crone in American Society: Confessional Pt.1

It is time to begin revealing this secret...please bear with me during this process. I promise you that these revelations can alter your own magickal life, once I get to the bottom of it all.

So...let's be real here. My journey "home" to Paganism may have been symbolized to me in dreams as a child, but the day my magickal journey TRULY began was on April 29, 2015, when I so happened to come across an interesting profile on SpellsofMagic.com. Basically, I began exchanging messages with another member of the Craft online (big surprise in this day and age, right?). While I wasn't expecting much, this person and I found that we had many views of witchcraft, magick, and our practices in common. From loving alternative lifestyles and our mutual distaste in limiting yourself to following only one Pagan tradition, we began learning about each other swiftly and naturally. We both embraced Native American spirituality and were keen on Gothic culture. After several days of non-stop communication, we "graduated" up to the next level by taking our conversation off site.

And when I saw his face for the first time, my heart practically plopped out of my chest in fear.

The delicate lines that stretched across his forehead warned me that I was leading myself astray by involving myself with this man. I was a young woman, keeping up with fast-paced college life while trying to keep myself afloat working part time in retail until graduation came around. Soon enough, I learned he was very much so "established"...a full blown resume of 23 years of work within the construction industry, three sons that are several years older than me, and the fact he was scattered through his own emptiness from the aftermath of a fatal divorce several years prior. Soon enough, he confessed his age. Craig was thirty years my senior! I glanced at his profile picture one more time, and asked myself, "He's much older. This can only lead to no good."

Of course, my mind was hungry for knowledge, my heart thirsty to learn more wisdom about my spiritual path. The opportunity never arose for me to find a spiritually-experienced mentor. Craig seemed willing, almost eager to teach me something new. And so I sat with it, my phone constantly being blown up with enthusiastic messages. And somehow, in my mind I knew what I was getting myself into could be considered "wrong", but my inner voice kept begging me to keep engaging with this person. Having been raised in a conservatively Christian household where my "old-fashioned" parents frowned down upon Internet friendships, I sealed myself away in quiet contemplation of this newfound friendship I was dragging myself into. And so it began...and went on....and continued on. There was never a day I was spiritually "alone" anymore. He took me under his wing and instructed me on how to master using my first Oracle deck. At first, it felt like nothing. I was practically learning a new witchy "trade", if you will. These casual lessons stretched into long nights of widened eyes as I began to have more accurate readings on my own. Strangely, his card readings seemed to intertwine with mine, all too well. We began asking our decks questions about our friendship and the results were eerie each time, on both ends. After several weeks of us exchanging card readings and knowledge, we took it a step further. I learned something interesting.

He lives in Australia. I am in America. Only after one month of talking, we became inseparable. It was on our "one month anniversary" of talking that we decided it was time to test something out. Both of us being curious about our card readings matching up so well, we decided to attempt participating in a ritual together, 10,000 miles apart, through Skype. I must admit, I was the one who discussed the possibility of such a ritual even working. We were both aware that we could attempt it, but I feel as if we both became healthy skeptics. For that initial ritual, we planned it would simply be a "sending" ritual to "blend" or "merge" our energy together to begin casting spells together in a magickal union, as two witches working towards similar spiritual goals.

It was on this day that we would eventually discover the blissful magick that the Maiden and the Crone (or, better yet, let's call him Mage) can achieve together when working in sync and spiritual rhythm. Allow the Maiden and the Mage to come together to share this story with you all, for better or for worse...