About Me

This world is called Midnight Candle where shadows kiss the walls, a place where candlelight expresses the Universe's magnificent and blessed creativity. Like the flame, we dance our way through the Circle of Life, and as a Pagan I worship the Circle. I had posted more background information about myself on earlier posts, but I'd like to go a bit more official and transcend my history across a page instead. Follow along with me as I dance around the strange happenings in Life!

My heart started pounding, begging me to learn more about the Craft and the Old Religion at the ripe age of ten-years-old. I have always felt a special connection to the Witch and her mystical ways.The ambiance of Autumn's crisp air invokes the artistic ability in me. The sight of the Full Moon vibrates my Third Eye and the stars write love notes to my soul. The magick of night soothes me; the silence captivates me to speak. I prefer to call myself an Eclectic Shamanic Witch with a major twist of a pantheist approach in my deity belief system. I have begun studying other traditions out of passion and a burning curiosity to learn more about my fellow Pagans and what they are all about. I left the Christian faith officially in 2012 after discovering my heart was with Paganism the majority of my life.

The purpose of writing this blog varies widely. The main purpose is to educate visitors about different Pagan/Wiccan/Witchcraft/Occult topics and to reflect on my own spiritual journey to churn out any advice for others that have chosen to follow the Craft. The intent behind this site is to try to immerse myself in the Pagan community, to give back to all that once gave this knowledge to me. I want to connect to all of you, to learn new things about myself, and to maybe spark up some spiritual wisdom in other peoples' lives. As I develop this page further, I hope to make a positive change at least in one life.

With Love & Hope, 

Stacie Leigh Klewin