Monday, August 4, 2014

Broom Closet Practice: Twenty Tips To Keep Your Practice Private

We all need privacy when it comes to spiritual practice, but how do those in the Broom Closet obtain that privacy while staying on the "down low" with their secret? Don't panic: I'm here to help.

The Tips & Tricks
1. If it's night (if you're a minor), please don't sneak out to perform rituals. There are legal curfews that should be followed.
2. Same goes here--if you're a minor and your parents wouldn't allow you to light candles or incense in your bedroom, don't use fire. Instead, write your desire or problem on paper, do your thing, and then rip it up and flush it down the toilet. It's safer that way.
3. Don't make an alter. This would be too noticeable that something is off.
4. Don't involve a large amount of herbs and other supplies in your spells or rituals. Keep it simple. Simplicity works wonders.
5. For Pagan holidays, do something relatively easy, like eating food associated with that holiday's celebration.
6. If you decide to pursue an online Pagan community, be cautious both online and offline. Take the page down from your browser when you're done. Always.
7. Book of Shadows: write your BOS in a locked Microsoft document or keep it in a cheap notebook, or use an old binder and keep it somewhere safe.
8. Try using "code language". To do this, study ancient alphabets like the Theban alphabet to write your notes out, or even use words you normally use and give them new Pagan meanings so you know what you're really referring to.
9. Don't tell the world what you're doing. Common sense, folks!
10. Find only one person you know you can trust in case you need some advice throughout your hiding. 
11. Take a daily walk or bike ride to observe nature.
12. Collect crystals, but keep them in a small bowl as a decoration prop.
13. Don't bring home physical Pagan literature. Instead, go online to look information up, or try E-books.
14. If you must, go to your local library and skim through books there and take notes to bring home.
15. Studying is the key to unlock the door of spiritual devotion. Study more rather than practicing more. Learning is good, too. And, it's easier to stash away.
16. Try meditation and Dream Magick. No one can enter your deeper stages of consciousness to find out you're communing with other deities!
17. Don't practice or study compulsively. It may be exciting, but focusing on life's responsibilities will show people around you that nothing "strange" is changing about you.
18. Read mythology.
19. Study science's role in nature and Earth.
20. Consider reading about metaphysical theory or quantum physics. They have a strong role in what you'll want (and need) to know.

Blessed Be!