Monday, July 7, 2014

Draconian Wicca


Dragons in Wicca.

I close my eyes in a meditative state and the voice of nature turns my dark world into a vivid realm of shining scales, enchanting tails swaying about, and fire's breath trickling through the trees. Some readers may become repelled from me after this, but my gut has been telling me to break out of my fear of rejection so I can introduce our fair dragon-loving Pagans out there.

I was introduced to Draconic Wicca/Magick in the summer of 2011. I didn't study it. I was vaguely told about it and I let it be. I so happened to revisit it recently out of reborn curiosity and I feel like it could have some benefits to include here.

Draconic Magick rose in many ancient cultures out of admiration for the dragon. Particularly, the wisdom of the dragon had been observed in early China. The people believed the dragons had the ability to cause rain--everything nature related--in order to keep the people alive, thus making them a symbolic and holy image; kind of like any type of nature spirit. When the Draconian path is tied to Wicca, it really isn't the entire Wicca system itself. Draconian Magick as a life long practice shares a common ethical code to Wicca. What tricks my mind is the dragon concept; Pagans always worshipped Gods and Goddesses, not a mythological creature. It confuses me greatly.

Everyone has the right to believe in this magickal art. I'm not against it. But, I don't understand why people worship these fantasy creatures. We have our pantheons. But, I guess I have my own twisted opinion. The literal pantheon people may not exist in the sky or anywhere dragons. Instead, Pagans have flocked to ancient mythology stories to relate to on metaphorical terms about living life. This is what makes these stories so relatable to followers. These stories help us to live with great faith. I'm sure the early Chinese folks needed that, too, like everyone else.

So, is the worship of dragons okay in the Pagan community or is it morally wrong to replace the Goddess and God with a powerful creature?