Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A New Guest Contributor: Meet Ally!

It is with my pleasure that I made the decision to allow a guest contributor onto Midnight Candle. To all of you that still follow my blog, I'd love to introduce you to my dear friend Ally. Ally has been mentioned on here in a post or two before, but now she will be joining me in giving you exciting and interesting content. :) If you enjoy reading about eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity, then Ally is your girl to follow. She has more knowledge and a sharper third eye than I ever probably will have. She can sense the other side more naturally than I can! So, that being said, her and I have shared our devoted love to all paranormal mysteries and I would love to feature that content on here for you all to read. She will be writing posts on here several times throughout each month (our planning is still evolving into action, so she may be here more.) You can find new posts from me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on a weekly basis. The timing of when I'll publish these posts will vary throughout the day, but I can promise you they will be here. Also, we will be constructing a Midnight Candle Instagram account and if this goes well, we'll definitely be creating a Youtube account for easier access to see what we're up to! If any of you would also like to chime in with Ally and I about your personal paranormal experiences, you can e-mail me at midnightcandl3@gmail.com.  Maybe we'll even feature your stories on the blog as well!

Check in with us soon! I will have Ally make an e-mail account herself in case you may want to say hello or ask her any paranormal/mediumship questions I may not be able to answer!