Sunday, January 11, 2015

Amazing Update & Breakthrough

I have returned with many new exciting twists, turns, and challenges.

But before I start, here's a belated Happy Yule and Happy New Year shout out to everyone reading this right now. Life got hectic in the holiday week for me; I fell down with a cold, I had to attend six different holiday parties, and I had to help my family and my boyfriend's family out with Christmas/Yule preparations. Now that the holidays have passed and I still have two days left before I return to my college studies, I have found the time now to share with you an important breakthrough I had encountered just yesterday and how this will change the blog. I promise you that Midnight Candle is about to get more interesting, because...

The content on this blog will no longer focus on Wicca or general Pagan beliefs. I have discovered that I am not a true Pagan. I've been more towards being a spiritual Witch, an idea I have considered pursuing before. While I run through the flames of trying to find something new and more suit for my beliefs at this time, I will begin to study these different paths:

1) Shamanism

2) Druidism

3) Athiest Paganism

4) Traditional Witchcraft (more in depth from 5-9)

5) Fey Witchcraft

6) Dianic Witchcraft

7) Hedge Witchcraft

8) Sabbatic Craft

9) Cochrane's Craft

10) Buddhism

I want to begin to explore a variety of faiths and magickal beliefs in order to start finding myself. I have been suffering with the concept of blind belief immensely due to my former involvement in a emotionally abusive relationship. I have done some long and  hard thinking about this, but I think I will share my relationship story with you all to better understand my current situation. I considered shutting the blog down and running as fast as I could from this, but if I write about my faith exploring journey, I can help myself while helping out people in the same type of situation. Therefore, I feel there is a purpose to keep posting my adventure in Paganism to the public eye.

In regards to the new material I plan on creating, a new schedule will be set. I will make two new posts in advance and they will be published in the same week.  So, expect to see two posts per week added to the site. Keep watching for new posts because it's about to get very interesting and eclectic here. Thank you for all of your time and patience with my ever-changing ideas. I appreciate you all. You have my life so much more exciting!  Please follow me on my blog social media profiles or please feel free to subscribe to Midnight Candle for future updates on new posts. Blessed Be, blessings, and cheers!

P.S. I'm about to hit my first 4,000 pageviews worldwide. Only one thousand more until I reach the milestone of 5,000 pageviews!