Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brief Update

Greetings, audience!

I'm posting a fast update to let you know of some news that may or may not be crucial to Midnight Candle before I go spend my evening in the lovely Autumn weather:

Removal of Facebook Page/Group 
Due to the lack of interest in using Facebook as a way to communicate, I will be bringing the "Midnight Candle Official Blog" group down along with the "Midnight Candle" Facebook page. I made an unwise move by attempting to promote these resources so early on in the blog's life. I originally created these sources from prior complaints from non-Google users, but I haven't seen any overall improvement of these methods I offered. For now, I will be removing these pages and links down and will consider reviving them if the blog audience builds up rapidly in the future. Your best bet is to either keep up to date with my posts via the blog link itself or by taking a peek at my Twitter blog account, listed on my "Contact Me" section.

Scheduling Issue 
As you may have read, I did begin taking college courses for the Fall 2014 semester. Schoolwork is slowly going to increase in getting hectic. I need to ensure that I am doing well in my personal education while I follow this passion for writing the blog. I started Midnight Candle during my summer break when I had all the free time in the world to create such a large library of content. Unfortunately, I need to keep my focus intact in both areas of my life to a limited extent. Therefore, my new goal for MC is to at least publish two new posts per week. Sometimes, this will fail or maybe I'll get in over two fresh posts a week. Please know I truly love and care for the fruition of this project you as a part of my audience has given me--I'm not trying to stray at any given time. I just need to make sure all areas of my life are in balance before I go posting a ton of new pieces! Expect two posts a week until December 19, 2014. If not, know I'll have my good and bad weeks when it comes to writing here.

Topic Requests Needed: 
I strive to find a great variety of Pagan/Witchcraft/Spiritual topics to cover, but sometimes my mind reaches dead ends and I don't know what to write yet. Writing MC isn't for me; it's for you alone. I desire to write topics that will satisfy you as the reader. If you'd love to see a certain idea written here (and with a shout out to you for your idea), please either leave a comment on this post, hit me up on Twitter, or use the blog email I have listed in my contact section to give me your name and topic request. Receiving requests will not only help me to keep my work flowing, but it will also help others to gain information I didn't know they wanted to see from my blog. Help is appreciated! :)

That's all for an update I have to give you for now. Expect a new topic-related post tonight or sometime tomorrow. Again, thank you for your time and readership! It fills my spirit with joy!

P.S. Almost 3000 viewers worldwide!! Let's keep things going! :)