Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Explanation of a Spell

Wave your wand with cheer and glory! Indulge in the Witch's spirit at the core of the cauldron! I would like to address the term "spell" as a "quickie" article before I hit the hay until morning.

Many non-Pagans become startled when they hear the word "spell" fly around through the Bible and from new Pagans. Their minds deliver them into an image of secrecy, danger, a threat spread through the wind. These uneducated people like to go running from spell lovers as quickly as they can, even if it means getting hit by a bus or stomped over just to feel a safe distance away from what society has given a bad name. Obviously, a spell is not a manipulative disease that will ruin the lives we "curse" from chanting religious phrases. We all probably explain what a spell is to people differently. When I was smothered beside all the besoms in the "broom" closet, and when I had finally come out of that tiny place, I had to deal with watching fear sparkle in my family's eyes when they read about casting spells. I took my own time to decipher what such a concept meant to me and I eventually figured it out. A spell is universal. A ritual is universal.  Christians cast spells indirectly everyday. We all are prone to doing it.

In my world, a "spell" is simply a creative and expressive form of prayer.

Come on; we know that we can't send flames at someone who makes us angry from the palms of our hands. We can't chant a few words and watch our whiny boss fall down with food poisoning for a meeting to be canceled. These things cannot happen at our will. Physics would have a vomiting time of its own if we were able to provoke it to do such things. That is all fantasy bullshit. We know this. Instead, to me a spell is a creative and symbolic way to request help from the Source.

I'm an Agonostic Wiccan currently. Whenever I write a ritual, I make it a signature move to ask the Universe for its true destiny to indulge in my life. I ask it to send me guidance while dominating whatever situation I'm having to send it in an appropriate direction. I honestly don't believe that I can write a spell and take over my ex boyfriend's free will whenever I please. The Lord and Lady could easily strike my ill will back to me before it could affect that former boyfriend. My rituals only serve as a personal cry out to the Universe for guidance and clarity in my hard times. But, here's the plot twist of my perspective;  I believe that performing a spell or ritual truly helps us to redirect our own energies and can be used as a method of healing so we can have good vibes to enrich our own problems. Christians tend to believe that if they obey God, praise Him each Sunday, and repent their sins, that prayer becomes a revolving door that can get them into anywhere they want to go next in life. They beg God to do everything for them when that can't be humanely possible. Six billion people are praying. God would need half His angels to provide for the living. In Paganism, we tend to appreciate self survival. We know when to ask for help, but we know we can harness the peaceful vibrations in crystals, plants, herbs, and the cosmos to give us a boost. The different parts of nature have unique magickal properties that heal us. This is what makes this faith easier for me. It all physically exists. There is something there for us. Pagans don't need to converse with the sky because Goddess' beauty is held in all of our natural resources. We can hold Her and feel answered from that while using Her herbs to soothe our physical and emotional deficiencies.  These resources are proven to promote wellness, leaving sacredness within them to us for our use.

There is no wrong way to commune with our higher beings. I believe that scary "spell" legend is truly harmless and allows us to rejuvenate and feel heard from the Divine. May peace and light be with us forever!