Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's The Definition of A "True Witch?"

I was wandering around a large Pagan Facebook group I joined a few months back and I stumbled onto an energetic post made by somebody that apparently needed help with a magickally big mistake they made. I can't give out names or exact words due to privacy and confidentiality reasons online, but basically the group member posted, "I was trying to cast a love spell when I flipped back in my book to realize I didn't cast the right spell. Instead, I casted a"grave illness spell" on the lover I was trying to get back. Please help me reverse it!"

And so, the riot began.

People began hating on this kid because he broke the Free Will law of Wicca. At first, the conversation sounded serious. People were giving him advice and it looked fine up until the member began bringing up how he tried to make a Satanic circle to "call upon the Goddess" to help him reverse his error. Immediately, the other people commenting became very cruel to this guy, saying he wasn't or never would be a "true" witch due to the way he had been acting. For some reason, I decided to take the matter into my own hands, and I left a very long, vivid, descriptive response back to the member and to those that posted prior to me. I made it as kind as possible. I carefully instructed the member on the basics of Wicca and spell-casting. At first, not many Witches agreed with me. I didn't see how this child was posting threats to "transfer his curse among someone that was commenting". He even went so far to the point he typed in a "spell" that hexed his chosen user. A lot of chaos went on through the duration of the post until it was finally removed. In conclusion, us as the sources of guidance all asked, "What's the definition of a true witch?"

I'm not the Goddess Herself, therefore I can only explain the answer to this question based on what I've learned and how I think about the question:

A "True Witch"...
1. Consciously studies and forms their own beliefs and practices based on what they feel is right for them. They don't necessarily have to strictly follow all tradition of their chosen path.
2. Appreciates nature; the sky, the bodies of water, the fire, the lands, the plants, and the animals for all they have to offer us physically and spiritually.
3. Carefully learns about magick and practices accordingly.
4. Uses meditation/visualization/mindfulness techniques to come in touch with Harmony.
5. Eagerly learns about their tradition and follows what they learn.
6. Does NOT engage in fluffy beliefs in any way. If they realize they've learned from false materials, they will get access to the real knowledge and will go from there.
7. Is kind, loyal, and loving to all other life forms.

This stuff takes a lot of work to figure out for yourself. But, maybe observing such strange social media happenings from our Pagan community can help us to learn more about what we believe in on a personal level like I have tonight!

When in doubt, take these common faith questions and shed some light on your own answers!