Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pagan & Wiccan Youtubers To Watch

Youtube is an ever-growing source of community, especially for the Pagan community. People from all walks of life, young or old, have started vanishing from the shadows and have brought Pagan spirituality to light by broadcasting their ancient knowledge all over the Web. I like to think of a Pagan "Youtuber" to be similar to a Pagan blogger like me. They are reading, researching, editing, publishing, and updating their channels often to keep building up a healthy and happy audience. I feel that networking with other Pagan artists online leaves the other person with a good deed; gaining a stronger audience. Therefore, I see sharing their work I find with you is important because it helps other artists out and it even helps Midnight Candle out as well. I'm very curious to find amateur Pagans who are just starting to spread more voice in the community. Every now and then, you'll watch as I find brilliant peoples' work and share the word about them here. When I'm not working on here, sometimes you can find me exploring the variety of Pagan faces out on Youtube from all over the world to gain clarity and get some giggles during it. Copy and paste the links into your URL box and enjoy!

Giggles. I love that word. When I share some great Pagan Youtubers and their channels with you, I hope you'll watch some of their videos and giggle along in enlightenment. 

First Channel: SamisSpirit 
Meet Sam, a young Pagan woman who broadcasts constantly. When I first watched her videos, she had a great smile, positive attitude, and she had a natural entertaining twist in every sentence she said. From what I've seen so far, Sam is a witch that is particularly drawn to the darker side of witchcraft. She even has a video based on her necromancy magick, something I have been far from writing about here. Check her video based on her dark witchcraft here: 

Second Channel: DragonFeather369 
This channel was one I found a few days ago when I was researching how to pronounce "Samhain". I found Dragon Feather's channel solely on accident, a great accident for sure! Dragon Feather is a Wiccan. She has some smart Wheel of the Year ideas. Also, she incorporates Draconian Wicca into her practice. If you are interested in that, she would have more to say than I do because I've only posted one article on that topic. Dragon Feather is also a singer and likes to create songs about issues Pagans go through. Her voice is nice and she sounds sweet! Check her video based on Draconian Wicca here: 

Third Channel: KeepMusicPagan 

I've been using this one for the past two years and so far I have no complaints. This channel isn't the talk type of channel. Instead, the owner of the channel gave a big collection on diverse Pagan songs, bands, and artists. Finding good Pagan tunes these days is hard. I've been fighting this battle. Try out KeepMusicPagan at:  

Fourth Channel: Universal Pagan Temple 
Come on, everybody. The Universal Pagan Temple is one of my wonderful Twitter followers! :) I actually just found that they have a Youtube channel and now I'm excited for them. Scrolling through their video content, I see a video based on British traditional ritual. They also have one weekly video posted for the concept of "A Year And A Day." I love that idea! I highly suggest checking that out if you are new to Wicca or any Pagan tradition for perspective. Check them out in this video based on the British traditional ritual: 

Fifth Channel: TipToeChick 
I remember the time I was trying to figure out if I should be Wiccan when I came out in 2012. TipToeChick was there to guide me in finding that out. TipToeChick has a wide variety of topics, like talking about the Pagan holidays, giving guidance for those that are in hiding, and now I found a video on how to make your home magickal. I feel like this woman is a good person to go to for those self doubt issues at the beginning of your path. But, for diversity, I'd like to share this magickal home video: 

These are just a few for now! Check back to see if I've found more awesome works!