Thursday, August 14, 2014

Theban Alphabet, ABC!

Witches developed an intelligent system during the domination of Christian theology, which allowed them to continue their spiritual arts in secrecy. Language is the ultimate power of humankind, I'd like to say. Fortunately, our ancestors succeeded in their endeavors to keep the Pagan temples alive and they chose language as their strongest method to thrive upon. One of these popular techniques gave them what we know as the Theban Alphabet. From creating this sacred text, the early witches were able to bind all Pagan traditions in safety and love, scroll by scroll.

Theban Origin
Many historians debate where the alphabet was born. They do agree that the Theban script resembles the format of runes. It's origins remain unknown to this date.

Theban Purpose 
This is very clear; the runic alphabet was used as a secretive coding of language so the Christians couldn't read their Pagan texts. Thus, it left a reduction in persecutions and it kept some traditions going on.

Theban Language: Modern Day Use 
I would say that using this alphabet as a Witch or Pagan in this century is quite optional. It would serve a great purpose for those that are locked in the Broom Closet. The BC members could use it to write rituals and to take notes so others around them won't be able to detect what it means. I did mention the Theban Alphabet in my last blog-related post. It can also be used for decoration purposes, as well.

If learning the alphabet sounds interesting to you, then look up "Theban Alphabet" and take a glimpse at Google Image's results. I'm sure there are many scholarly articles upon the topic, as well. I cannot post pictures into my posts due to needing to install Microsoft Word on my shiny and new laptop!