Sunday, August 23, 2015

Moving On..

Hello to my old friends and readers,

I am sorry I could not keep up with myself on this for so long..but within the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot continue blogging on Midnight Candle anymore.

I'm sure you were all prepared for this announcement to come, but I also must state that I WILL continue to be blogging publicly online. I am starting to walk onto the path I have always longed to walk on. It feels amazing to say that I am going to be transitioning over to WordPress to fulfill my desire of creating my official author/writing blog. I feel that I would not have reached this decision without my boyfriend spontaneously creating Midnight Candle for me over one year ago when I felt least prepared to start.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what the title of this new blog will be yet! But, I can tell you that the majority of the new blog's content will be based on my journey to become an independent (and young!) author. Plus, it will give deeper insight into my unborn novel and the motives and intentions behind the creation of it. I may also publish glimpses into my other written works from the past on there, as well. Basically, this new blog will be more emotionally intimate for me than Midnight Candle has been.

Thank you for reading, everyone. It's been a pleasure while it lasted. :)

I will post another update on my new blog's information in case you'd like to start following me there. Also, I will not delete this page; instead, I plan on leaving it up in case I ever do decide on pursuing it more actively again.