Friday, April 10, 2015

Crisis of Faith

I'm sorry, but I have realized something.

I can't keep my promises. At all.

There is something in me that doesn't want to be on a schedule for writing. As a writer, I tend to write when my spirit wants to express something or to review my past experiences that are unresolved. That is what I have been starting to do for myself. I've been planning how to heal my soul. I have a longing to find that part of myself that has the ability to believe in a higher power. The anxiety kills me, day by day. I wish certain things in my life have never happened. I wish I knew how to resolve my crisis of faith. I've been avoiding all thoughts of the problem to try to focus on what's important; a job, passing college, maintaining my social life, and keeping my relationship stable. But, I have some interesting news to share.

I will be conceiving a novel. And yes, I will be releasing it electronically in about a year or two.

This novel will be based on my past experience with an unhealthy relationship that was based on my spiritual growth. I think the story will be an inspiration to teens and will warn them of cyber danger's existence out there. I want to use my story as a way to heal myself and to reach out to other at-risk teenagers of Internet danger.

I just wanted you to know that will be happening.

As for the time being, I can't promise that I will "come back" to writing the blog weekly like I attempted promising before. I guess I'll return when I feel like it. So, to find any updates, keep checking back here or on my Twitter or Facebook page.

I am sorry I have let you down. I need to find the strength in me to keep going on this spiritual journey.