Monday, June 30, 2014

Are 'Fluffies' Harmless In Our Community?: My View

Merry Meet,

I would like to welcome all vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, angels, and all spooky galore to tonight's stage talk titled 'Fluffies'. I have wanted to put the spotlight on this topic.

A 'fluffy' is someone in the Pagan community who either believes or desires to be a mythical creature and also believes in supernatural powers in the physical world to exist. I am not here to judge or ridicule; I am only bringing this controversial subject to light. The main question about fluffies involved in our community is, "Are fluffies truly harmful or distracting to the true Neo-Pagan movement?" After you read this next sentence, some of you may turn away from me. But, my personal answer to the question is no, that the 'real' Pagans don't try to teach the fluffies the truth. We put this problem on our own community.

Paganism holds many paths, traditions, and backgrounds, allowing our door to open to a multitude of people to begin studying the spiritual faith we have found to be sacred to us. Pagans are very welcoming. We strive to promote peace and no judgement in other view points of other individuals.  But, when a new face claims to know how to become a seductive vampire, many Pagans break out into a dwindling war.

Yes, fluffies do camp our on campground. So do Christians, athiests, Muslims, and everyone else under the sun. While it is true the Neo-Pagan movement is our key to unlocking more understanding of what we practice, it is also true that non-Pagans can stroll into our yards with misunderstandings, especially those from the younger crowd. The main culprit is Hollywood. Hollywood has given the modern day witch a bad name. She has green skin, an enchanted broomstick, and flies throughout the night to suck any souls in sight. Many movies make spiritual witchcraft something unexplainable, mysterious, and of course, evil! Fantasy concepts blanket over the truth of who we are, thus leading crowds that aren't being educated into our growing movement for equal rights and understanding from our societies. So, when practicing Pagans learn of someone who is seeking a spell to become a werewolf, the whole community is stirred, divided, and annoyed.

Ignorance is bliss, they say. We tend to take words and sharpen them into spears when the fluffies spread their thoughts around the movement. We Pagans try to spread perfect love and utmost peace, but we break our moral code apart with this ongoing issue. When it happens, we don't try to explain the lies in the misconceptions. Instead, we use hate to drive fluffies to pursue an army to fight the persecuter back. The persecuter is a dedicated Pagan in the community, yet they don't try to help these people. Yes, fluffy stories are distracting and often humorous.  I won't lie. But, by breaking the peace we want to believe in, we are wasting potential minds by not educating them with what is real and what is not about our faith. They could eventually become great contributors to the movement. Let me be honest again, even if more readers don't hesitate to leave the page; I fell in love with the concept of magick as a child. I was always fascinated with witchcraft. I first believed Hollywood's image. But, I grew up and gradually learned what Wicca really was, and then I accepted that as a part of my life from the love and fascination I always had. I used to love fluffy ideas as a child, too. Admit it; it would be fucking epic to grow huge wings and fly to other countries. Many great Pagan public figures probably started out from the love of the Hollywood portrayed witch. It's okay to find Goddess this way, I believe. As long as we don't let fantasy become Paganism, then it will still lead to being productive rather than ridiculous to the movement.

Thank you for hearing my heart-filled rant.