Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Stacie, Take Two!

Hey, everyone!

I've been daydreaming back to the first few posts I ever made when my boyfriend and I established Midnight Candle as a blog. I recall making a post that introduced myself a bit more in detail. Now that the writing is really going somewhere, I feel like I've only introduced the Pagan aspect of my being. There are other things in life that gets me excited, motivated, and moved. I'd like to share more with you about other sides of myself as we get this blog rolling along...

My Passions, Obsessions, And Dreams...

Here is Part 1 of this section: my passions. My biggest passion is writing, of course. This I have mentioned in the past. I started officially writing stories when I was in the fifth grade. The fantasy genre highly appealed me, so I started out there. My favorite fantasy writer is Roald Dahl. I admired his work and it blossomed into some inspiration for me to create my own stories. As I grew older, my writing genre shifted more towards an urban and dark fantasy mix. The Gothic, paranormal, and horror genres began to blend in as well, with a tiny touch of your classical main character to other main character romance. At the age of 15, I wrote and completed my first novel length book. Don't ask me what is was about! That is still too complicated to explain. But yes, I am a lover of words and I hold true to that. Alongside writing, I am passionate towards caring for my soon-to-be one year old fur baby, Presley. He is an adorable American guinea pig and my twin sister and I adopted him out of a classroom when he was just six weeks old. I became his primary caregiver and I love him to the depths of my heart. I am also passionate for art. I love art. Though my main art is writing, I really appreciate music (something I may pick up on) and I like interpreting poetry. I am devoted to self expression. I am an explorer of the cave of human emotion. I explore my own emotions through writing regularly. This one may seem obvious, but I'm in love with studying spirituality and learning about how it affects our lives. I may be young, but questioning the meaning of life has always been wonderful. Maybe I should go be a normal teenager and play video games...! Nope, I'm good here.

My obsessions are pretty hardcore and heavy. I love the sound of people handwriting with pencils in a quiet classroom. Do you think I'm weird yet?! I don't know why I love that damn sound so much. Next, I'm in love with the darkness. I love every part of night and I prefer night over day at all costs. Since 2010, I've had my heart and mind invested in listening to Evanescence. This band is my savior, for real. Meanwhile, strangely enough, my OCD tends to lead me into pondering the existence of life after death...this started from a painful loss in my family almost two years ago, which I promise to turn into a Pagan-related post on it's own in the future. Honestly, people tell me that it'd be best to get those thoughts out of my head. In reality, I see it as something that is slowly turning me into a philosophical genius! This will be explained later, as well. I'm also an avid fan of watching crime documentaries based on real life homicides. I'm into "dark" and "grim" subjects because I believe that they will reveal light in our lives. It's the balance of darkness and light, a concept that is very familiar in Wiccan context! I think too much, but I like it.

My biggest dream is to be a well-known author. I want to write material that is rooted from my spirit and grown through my heart. I want to work hard and create books that will hold artistic meaning and value and give them to the world. I've been dreaming of being a professional writer since I was a young teenager. I'm at a loss of what I want to major in at college. I do know that I want to go towards a writing degree. I've knocked Journalism out of the picture for now. I would love to major in Creative Writing, but I need a secure job that will earn me a better income. So, I guess I could say that I'm looking into Technical Writing. My next dream is to marry a fantastic, open-minded man and own a house out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature. I dream of being a mother to two kids. I want to find utmost bliss and peace in this lifetime. That is something I firmly want for myself, considering a rocky past I had. I'll figure out more as I go along.

Does this help you to get to know me better?