Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yoga And Laziness

Somehow, I'm awake at the crack of dawn here in the States. I have no need or desire to be up and going this early, but here's my early-bird thoughts on Yoga (and laziness!).

For months, I was inclined to practice Yoga every Thursday in a Mind Body Fitness class I took during my senior year of high school. My heart thrived on Yoga's healing benefits, but ever since I've had my diploma, my focus has drifted away to late nights out with friends and my boyfriend. I've been dreaming of waking each morning at the onset of dawn to have time and solitude for some relaxing exercises. Yet, my laziness drove that idea down into the dirt. My life after graduation is a new chapter of living. I had planned to use Yoga consistently. That promise to myself failed.

People. please don't let daily life interfere with your Yoga ways. Yoga is a great method to open the door to creativity, healing, intuition, and even magick in the mind! It is such a blissful practice and I am utterly confused as to why I slammed the door on that new hobby. If you're stranded from your personal Yoga practice and your mind is urging you to return (probably for the right reasons), then here are some tips for trying to jump back in where you left off a century ago:

1. Got a sore back? An ache in your calf muscles? Well, Google up some Yoga poses to help relax your troubled muscles and get on the ground and try them out! Yoga is extremely helpful for pain reduction. I've been suffering from constant back pain and some poses I learned in class really helped ease the torment of my body.

2. Stressed? Want to cut back on a bad stress-reduction method? Try some basic poses with meditative breathing. It's all in the breath. Controlled breathing soothes your heart rate, thus reducing your stress in a productive way.

3. Anxious? Suffer from an anxiety disorder? I do. I've learned that Child's Pose has been scientifically proven to calm anxiety down. Child's Pose offers a healthy sense of security, unlike those nasty thoughts that make you feel like you're going crazy. Try it.

4. Bored out of your mind? Your friend won't pick up the phone? There's nothing fun to do? Try learning one new Yoga pose that has an element of challenge. Make mastering the new pose a duel with yourself.

5. Want to reconnect with Spirit? Yoga and meditation combined is an awesome way to do it. I've had my spiritual moments through Yoga. Take a stroll down the path. It offers an adventure.

Maybe this will help? If you find the will, then you will find a way to come back to Yoga's peace!