Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Chipmunk, The Night Sky, An Invocation of Spirit

Magick is roaming all around me. I can't be clear enough.

Yesterday, I perched upon the boiling driveway as I treated myself to a cigarette. The summer heat was brutal, which was strange because earlier that morning was slightly chilled. Previously, I heard my mother's voice venting about some of my recent choices, which had provoked me into anger. I thought that maybe the rush of nicotine would help clear my thoughts, so I ventured outside at a miraculous time.

My house has three car slots. To the left, is the smaller garage door and the brick walls on the outside of my home creates a tiny wall, the area of the driveway cornering the other two car slots (if that makes sense). I was sitting at the corner's turning point, making it so I could see the sidewalk on the opposite side leading up to the porch. During my well-needed smoke, I looked down at the navy blue pavement and there by the wall's corner stood a chipmunk, gazing directly into my blue eyes. You see, there have been two chipmunks living in my family's backyard practically since we moved in nine years ago. I see them occasionally, but this time was the first time ever that one of them dared to be just a few feet away from where I sat. The little critter, startled, decided to run away and hide by my porch. My breath was taken. Several minutes later, he darted across the driveway and dove into my neighbor's shrubs.

I was dealing with another rough issue when that occurred. I instantly thought, "Spirit must be telling me something." I quickly stormed inside and looked up the Native American meaning for Chipmunk. According to the website, the sight of Chipmunk means that something good is on its way to you. It also holds the special power of granting wishes. Chipmunk advises you to sit under the night sky, glance at the sparkling stars, and talk to the world above for a wish that needs granting or for guidance that you seek. After reading that, I frantically wanted night to fall so I can do just as Chipmunk's eyes begged. My mind has been geared toward questioning if a Source really exists, a persistent struggle I deal with on my spiritual path. I have hardly ever tried talking to Goddess because I felt nothing would come of it. But, last night, I shared Chipmunk's meaning with my accepting Athiest boyfriend, and he agreed to go star-gazing for this purpose in his yard. In the stillness, I used my inner voice and asked Goddess to show me a sign in nature that my life has a greater purpose and that there may be something after death for me to believe in. I returned home and fell asleep, and then I awoke to something fabulous.

A crisp draft tingled my skin. The image of dying leaves reminded me of Autumn, my favorite season. The breeze was as fresh and chilly as Autumn. Personally, Autumn is the season where I feel the best spiritually. Autumn also is my best time to conceive new artistic ideas. I write the best in the fall. The comfort of such a peaceful season woke me up from my slumber. All I could feel this afternoon was bliss.

I was thirsty to create again. I went outside again and all my worries had vanished. My life started to feel radiant and perfect, even with many important pieces to my life's puzzle incomplete. I've been set under pressure to find a new job after being laid off almost a month ago. Instead of feeling anxious and disturbed, I felt like I could set my mind to doing anything. I looked around at every tree, patch of grass, cloud, and the enduring sunlight, and suddenly I realized Goddess is honestly everywhere. I thought of loved ones who passed on before me and instead of shedding tears, I felt this utmost bliss and peace at the thought of them. Maybe I'm crazy or maybe that cooler draft that came in was Her magnificent sign. Maybe I'm a Witch for a perfect reason. Maybe, this path is the best one for me.