Wednesday, July 30, 2014

To "Witch Curious" Teens: An Advice Article

I'd like to open my arms to the teens that are curious about witchcraft, Wicca, and Pagan paths and breathe advice into their minds as they begin to wander on this enduring journey.

I was there once, too. I was insecure and afraid and weak when it came to openly telling society about my Wiccan path. False information sabotaged what I thought was the truth. I felt I had nowhere to turn: every webpage resembled the text of ancient scrolls I could not understand. To assist you on this winding road, I'll answer the most common questions on how to approach researching, questioning, conversing with others, and what to do if you decide to start your Pagan path as a teen.

The Research

With an infinite load of information online, sometimes one source will seem very legitimate and will be easy to believe that all facts given there are true. You can find reliable information on websites like Wicca-Spirituality, Pagan Federation, and Witchvox. These are only a few solid sources out there. Look out for websites that discuss "fluffy" spells and rituals. Paganism is by no means anything close to Hollywood's portrayal of ancient religion and witchcraft. Run like hell if you see this.

The Questioning

Questioning is simply reviewing what you've learned so far and debating how your values and beliefs either compliment or disagree altogether about a certain topic. For religion, the questioning period is a great way to reflect on a specific religion's belief system and see what is appealing and what's not appealing to you in it. This is a good time to question what draws you to Paganism. Walking into a new faith blindly is a destructive risk. I may be young myself, but I've seen it with my very eyes. Use pure and powerful logic as you take this stroll.

The Conversing

It's quite fun to meet other Pagans, but in this day and age the Internet is the most convenient way of meeting Pagans worldwide. We all feel some quenching need to talk to the "wise Pagan elders" out there. For this, consider how your family feels about talking to strangers online. If they don't approve, please refrain from doing it in secrecy. It leads to long term trouble. I'm not going to talk about general online safety. I'll let the schools do that. But, if someone you're talking to sounds mainly sexual or manipulative in nature, you should report them and find someone who would be a better online buddy to share your Pagan journey with.

The Decision

Now that you've studied hard, using brain power to religiously debate with yourself, and talked to experienced Pagans, it's time to reflect on what you feel overall. This must come from your whole heart. I'm not your heart. I would be more than happy to become the center of your emotions to help you decide such a personal issue, but physically I can't provide those services. Take as long as you need to make sure you're doing a positive thing for yourself here! If you have questions, you can go to my Contact Me information to slip me some mail.

Blessings and good luck always!