Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nature Spirits

I look outside my window and see rain trickling off the glass; a perfect time to write to you,

Do yourself a magnificent favor and work at your outdoor surroundings.  The plants, the trees, the fire, the rocks, the water, and the air are sacred in their own special way. Mythology and folklore from every region dedicates some ancient history chapters to faeries, dryads, nypmhs, elves, and all the other spirits out there that are believed to assist nature. Yes, nature spirits.  I'm sure many of you are fascinated by their stories as I am. But, are those spirits crucial in our world when we have our all knowing higher powers? I'd like to happily consider this with you all. Let's dig ourselves into the microscopic worlds in our universe: within nature's gut.

According to my basic research, they say all different types of these tiny souls help transfer energies between the physical world and the astral world. The spirits do this by sending out some astral energy to manifest here upon Earth while blocking the majority of the astral energy within the astral world, hence not allowing us to fully receive spiritual truth. They  are also claimed to help newly created souls grow in the astral world and then guide them here to transfer into their next life. That aspect was new to me! I'm developing an interesting theory. Allow me to explain further. 

Maybe they all do exist to some extent. I am not discounting them; I am using more of a logical approach as you have probably seen in former articles. Universal energies must inhabit an extremely dense amount of power. So, how could our Gods and Goddesses (or whatever you prefer to see the Source as) handle these large amounts of density alone? There has to be more structure in the life evoking and soul preparing processes. When I was a confirmed Lutheran, this question always stirred me. How could God create all souls and life forms solely on His own? Alone. He would be alone in a timeless universe constructing complex beings. I don't see how even something so "all knowing" could manage that by himself. As a Pagan with a new scientific desire to understand spirituality, I feel free to put the pieces together on that question. Maybe Nature Spirits do make up a good answer.

My mother is Catholic. One night several years ago, we had debated a similar topic. I asked how God could even do all this crazy balogne alone, and she smiled and said, "He can't, Stace. That's why angels exist. God can't watch over everyone like they say He can. That's why Catholics believe in archangels and the souls of our loved ones being capable to watch over us. It makes more sense." Now, fellow readers, this makes my theory even better!

Think about it. If you are polythesitic, is it hard to imagine how those several figures could handle such a promising task together? There has to be more.

I really like the thought of there being guidance between the physical and astral to help newborn souls arrive. This definitely would fit in reincarnation. I think a little nudge and push to send new souls here would be logical, because like I said, the thought of the Lady and Lord monitoring their whole dang universe is too astonishing to follow and agree with. Here's a cool trait of thought--consider "The Veil" that occurs on All Soul's Night--these nature spirits would easily be able to open the invisible door for our loved ones to return again to make eerie shit happen in our houses! It's brilliant!

To sum it all up, I'm starting to feel that Goddess and God do have some little hands of help around them! Cheers to the Astral World and its cute little spirits for accepting us to come back! My thought process here may be a tad disorganized, but I'm still learning about this myself.