Thursday, July 3, 2014

Divination Methods

The eye of the beholder is within...

Intuition. Instinct. The third eye has it all--our past--our future--and our overall destiny. Divination was a crazy popularity back in ancient times and it has certainly been revamped in the New Age/Neo-Pagan movement and it deserves to be! Tapping into psychic power has the privilege of gaining more understanding of spirit. In spite of that, I'd like to talk about the different methods of practicing divination in everyday Pagan life.

Divination Method 1: Fire Scrying

Probably one of the most classic techniques, fire is a mainstream way to collect creative visions of significance. They believe that people born under a Zodiac sign influenced by fire will naturally adapt to this method.  Personally speaking, I'm an Aries, and I have noticed that spacing out in front of a candle is the easiest way to see visions. To practice this method, simply use a candle and light it. Clear your mind and use meditative breathing to relax. Gaze until you feel a trance and let images form. Write about your session when done. Tip: Try a bonfire if you want. Kerosene always adds an element of fun. Don't burn your house down, please.

Divination Method 2: Hydromancy (Water Scrying)

Hydromancy is the divination form best suited for water Zodiac signs. Of course, if this may work for you, you can gaze at the ripples in a local pond or forest stream, your bathtub, or you can try the common way by putting water in a bowl to scry. I've never tried hydromancy due to preferring fire, so I am probably not a helpful source on that method. 

Divination Method 3: Pendulum

A pendulum is a simple piece of string that has a heavy weight (rock, crystal; it can be anything) and is used to answer basic yes or no questions when the person uses it. The pendulum is believed to be a closer way to receive answers from the Divine, so do as you will if you can handle honesty! It can either work in two ways. Yes may be indicated if the string sways North or South, while No would be indicated swaying either East or West. Or, it can understood simply by the string swaying forward as Yes or as No for it swaying backwards. It is honestly up to you for that. I prefer using the directions as my response indication.

Divination Method 4: Dreaming

Otherwise known as Dream Magick, anyone can use this method if they can keep up with making records in a dream journal on a consistent basis. This one was hard for me. I'm too forgetful! To start, think of a question you want answered. Meditate before your usual bed time. Then, focus on that question and go to sleep thinking about it. The dream's symbolism shows the answer. If you'd like, you can incorporate dream  appropriate herbs and create a dream herb mix to promote peace as your body falls asleep. You can write your question down on paper and put it in the dream herb mix bag. That's how I did it, back in my active practicing days. Dreaming is fun. Go lucid! 

Divination Tips & Advice:

Be patient. This is the most important one. As exciting as fortune telling can be, it takes devotion to learn the wisdom in it.

"Practice makes perfect!!" My cliche phrase of the night.

If you get easily disturbed from hearing the truth, use precaution as you gain experience. Sometimes the opened door to the Higher Self can be utterly revealing. Just a warning.

Don't let frusterstion destroy the opportunity to gain divination skills. Trust me, it does take will and time to learn. It's kind of like remembering to tie your shoe laces again; if you don't, you trip, and you get tempted to flip off the floor. Just tie your scrying laces up and keep on walking. You'll get there.

P.S. Here are more exotic methods to look into: Tea Leaf Reading, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading, the infamous Ouija Board (total skeptic of the board right here), black mirror scrying, and last but not least, stone/crystal scrying. I decided to take on a few common methods for the post. Anyways...

I hope you enjoyed this information!!