Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An "Evil" Witch: A Story of Bias

I will stay calm in this foot stomping ramp. I will begin,

While being away from my blog work for an hour, I had stumbled upon a nice Christian girl at a talk group I attend occasionally.

The people there are friendly, caring, and I used to classify them as open-minded young women I sat down and had talked with once a week. The couches are always squishy with a soothingly soft cushion supply, but this time I had made an unlucky decision to sit on hardwood floor. I should have knocked on the wood for this one.

We were all chatting as usual. It was simple. As I shared with the group about Midnight Candle and it's overnight success, I was praised and congratulated for my hard work and effort. The conversation switched over to this young girl's stories, which I never minded hearing other thoughts, but she indirectly spun my mind in circles. She had been discussing her family matters (I can't go in detail for confidentiality reasons) and said,

"She became a witch and--"

She mumbled on about things I can't repeat.

The first thought in my raging head was: "So, I've made it clear that I'm a practicing witch, and you're calling me evil?!?" We had established this group to be a warm environment to all walks of life. And now, you're calling my kind evil based on some Bible fables written how many years ago?! Fuck, we don't even have any form of a messiah and we've still managed to go on warmly! And, your messiah spoke about loving all people? Damn. I do respect my former Lutheran faith still. I personally am not in favor of following Christianity, but I respect it in spite of my family who finds value in it. I don't go around talking about how evil Christians are, yet they slaughtered documents and people of my faith? I've tried my best to give Christians good credit despite what they caused to Pagans hundreds of centuries ago. And now, in a changing world with equality growing, this comes and boggles my mind again?!

I almost broke out in tears. Not just for my sorry self, but for every Pagan that has been ridiculded, cursed, scolded, and beaten down upon for following this belief. We cannot change the minds of Christians who view us as hell dwellers while we cannot convince them of the discipline we really have. I get that. It will never change in that large way. But, why should indirect comments come up in special types of group talks? That, I believe, is what I truly got pissed at.

Please excuse me for contradictory bias and thoughts.