Thursday, June 26, 2014

Earth, Fire, Water, Sky

Merry Meet, my lovely viewers! )0(

I'm thrilled to be living this dream tonight. Before I delve into specific topics, I want to ramble a bit.

This blog isn't solely based on my Pagan adventure. Instead, I aim for this to be a virtual hotel for newcomers, familiar faces, and people who support Pagan rights to come together to discuss and guide one another on this journey we all support and cherish. Discussion on all Pagan sects are welcome, for this is a place of open mindedness and oppurtunity to learn. This blog is for you-I feel writing here will be my way of giving back to our people-which is an honor to me. Therefore, I'll accept topic requests to start a post on and anyone can comment and go from there.  Here is more about me:

Pagan Sect: Eclectic Wiccan.
Zodiac Sign: Aries.
Studied: Wicca, Christian Wicca (at one brief point), Faeries, Spirit Animals, the paranormal itself, Wiccan ethics, pantheism/panentheism, dream magick, astral projection, afterlife theories, energy basics, meditation, yoga, starting up on crystals, boyfriend wants to study runes with me, attempted tarot, candle magick (I LOVE FIRE!!), herbalism, and gosh, the list goes on!!

General Likes: weird people, writing (my passion), art, deep thinking, philosophy, drawing, eating, reading, snowboarding, soccer, wildlife survival, camping, beards, sleeping, star gazing, wandering the outdoors, chilling out with my guinea pig baby Presley! 

Dislikes: judgement, strictness, traditional society, typical assholes, gossip, war, not experiencing the world (sitting around doing nothing). 

A Summed Up Version of my Spiritual Beliefs: As a Wiccan, I agree with most of the ethics. When it comes to polytheism, I count myself as the agonistic type. I feel like every God's name connects to the deeper being; the Universe. I do not follow pantheons out of personal preference.  I believe that Goddess and God are a duality of the Universe. To me, any name fits; it's the concept that I must keep the same. 

It's getting into the late hours of the night. Maybe I'll be able to ponder where to start discussion wise with a fresh mind as I sleep.

Goodnight! Please spread the word!!