Monday, December 8, 2014

Deity Worship & My Philosophy

This evening, I will be discussing my philosophical thinking about deity worship. Due to struggling with my questioning on if I should believe in deities or not, I have taken the time and consideration to determine that the theory of deity worship is not needed by any means to be a Pagan or witch. Spirituality is a matter of the heart; religion is what lists out the "special requirements" to fit a certain faith group, better known as a certain "label".

I have been fighting myself and I have lose the battle. Like a hero trying to break free from the grasp of a dragon's claws, I have failed myself by thinking I should fit my beliefs within a certain type of Pagan faith. While I like some religious dogma from Wicca and agree with it, the idea that I should believe in a God and Goddess is too frigid for me to even contemplate anymore at this time in my life. But, as I thought about it, I had an epiphany. The God and Goddess, the male and female energies, are only metaphorical concepts to personify the mystery of the Divine so we can better relate to the mysteries of the Universe. Don't get me wrong; I am not trying to belittle any belief form. I write this in spite of sparing my own spiritual sanity! I also feel that this article could help someone else who may be thinking along a similar line as me. Now, we all know that Witchcraft and Wicca are two different routes to take. Witchcraft is a small fraction of Wicca's religion. Not all Wiccans practice witchcraft or magick, but if someone is a Witch, then they most likely are indeed practicing magick. Witchcraft is a metaphysical practice whereas Wicca is a modernized Pagan religion! In Witchcraft, the belief in deities is not needed or required. A Witch must believe in magick in order for it to cast and shine.

Being a Pagan is a bit different. From the perspective of labeling what a Pagan is, they say that Pagans should believe in and worship a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. The counteractive part of that statement is this; all Pagans can be seen as pantheistic. Pantheist means that "All is God or God is all." Pantheism strides in the sacredness of nature and Earth. Therefore, someone who desires to claim themselves as Pagan without the belief in deities could adopt the pantheist beliefs instead. This is what I could do. This is what other questioning Pagans can consider, as well!

How do you feel about this? Feel free to leave a comment and let the discussion begin!

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