Thursday, September 11, 2014


In Paganism, there are so many paths to observe, study, and follow. They are impossibly countless, considering the limited ancient historical facts we have and are yet to discover. A few months ago was when the term "techno-Pagan" caused me to shiver for a second.

By definition, these are are the following descriptions of what a Techno-Pagan is:

1. "a Pagan that involves technology within their own spiritual practice; using techno-themed music for trance purposes, using the Internet solely to study and research, or involving technology (computer, smartphone, TV, you name it!) during Pagan ritual or worship. 

2. "a Pagan who may believe that technological equipment also has a soul or that the Internet has a unique spirit." 

So, you're probably wondering, "How exactly does a Techno-Pagan combine modern technology into their ancient religious arts?"

Well, here's the answer:

It can greatly vary.

Some Techno-Pagans may only use technology within their practices to a small extent, such as using technology to incorporate music during ritual or spells to "get in the moment" or to help them feel more balanced in order to cast away. Others may use technology more for the purpose of study; for instance, they may prefer reading online rather than having to spend money to obtain a wide collection of books. Or, they may be hiding their beliefs from others around them, so accessing the Internet for strict studying is their only safe way to learn privately. These seem like valid ideas, but what about the second definition? I'll do my best to explain that because I personally don't follow it myself.

Most Pagans believe that every piece of nature holds spirit, including humans and animals and insects. Techno-Pagans most likely hold that principle belief, while they may also believe that the technology we create gains a spirit. From doing basic reading, I've read that they may prefer to believe in this concept to celebrate the cyberworld as a sacred thing due to it being ever-evolving like us. But, Paganism is all about the ancient times, the long gaps in history where my Blogger application ceased to exist. Does the term "Techno-Pagan" really make someone a basic Pagan? It can. Belief is fully centered around what the person values. To fit under the "basic" label of being a Pagan, they say you must have polytheistic tendencies, believe that all life forms has a soul, and study ancient arts, like magick. Many Techno-Pagans hold those beliefs close to them already; they also prefer to cherish cyberspace, as well. No one can actually answer if this belief is logical or not; but, hey, whatever floats your boat is cool with me!