Saturday, September 6, 2014

Online Pagan Store: Reviews & More!

As I've been stumbling through hallways at my new college, I've been incredibly busy with homework, studying, looking for employment (Bummer; I'd rather be writing MC!), and taking care of some household issues. It's kind of funny because Twitter is MC's hot spot for responses, and I mentally lost my Twitter password to have my laptop remember my account. My Android has been slow lately, keeping me from wanting to use it, so I slowly forgot over time to connect my Twitter account to the laptop for networking/marketing/communicating with readers. Today I finally fixed that problem and I'm back on my feet! This next post has been an idea I've been debating on doing, but I think it'll be a bit fun and will be a helpful source to those in need of it.

Online God on Earth. Online shopping should be proclaimed as heaven because it gives you such beautiful deals for marvelous products that can be hard to find in physical stores. This is a huge blessing within the Pagan community; knowing how other faith cultures feel about us roaming the streets, having access to Pagan products online is a great way to shop efficiently and privately, no bullshit needed. Time for some scrolling and rolling!


Pagan Stuff Cheap
Pagan Stuff Cheap is an online shop that gives a somewhat ride arrange of clothing, magickal tools, crystal supplies, Book of Shadows' notebooks with a fancy twist, divination supplies, and even a boost of some extra "goodies" like fun T-shirts, pins, books, CDs and DVDs, and more. Here, you can also find herbs, cutely designed candles, and extra supplies like that for more common spiritual practice. Prices look decent; around $20.00 for most articles of clothing and magickal tools that are pre-made and ready for use. Check out the site to see what I'm saying!
*Pagan Stuff Cheap's Link:  

Isis Books & Gifts 
Right after typing in my search on Google for my next piece of critical cake, Isis Books & Gifts caught my eye with an average of a 4.8 star rating. Exploring this store, I already see a solid base forming in it's business: besides the products, they even offer free information on basic Pagans spells, rituals, and holidays to guide you in finding what you'll need to purchase if it's related to a specific tradition or holiday you're interested in. Hell, they even offer free book excerpts from professional pagan writers on their site to give you their work's flavor! This one is already looking deserving of it's rating. But, the search isn't done yet. They also have a wide array of shopping options. The "Moon Magick" section stuck out to me, knowing my first site didn't offer a whole section dedicated to the practice of Moon Magick. I decided to take a peek at it, and this special section offers oils, incense, and herb baggies for approximately $3.50. Not too shabby. What's also compelling here is the different sections titled after Pagan traditions. There's an "Egypt" section for those who linger through Egyptian Pagan lore. Cool or what? :) Take a sneak peek at this great shop here:
*Isis Books & Gifts Link:   

The Wiccan Way 
As labeled, The Wiccan Way is an online shop dedicated for the "serious practitioner" of Wicca. It offers everything from tools to fun gadgets, like the other websites listed. I'm looking around at examples of prices and overall as a Pagan shopper I wouldn't be satisfied with their pricing. Typically, if you wanted to purchase a pre-made Scrying Mirror, for example, it's cost would be a good $40.00 including shipping. The books on here range from around $8.00 to $25.00. Wouldn't that be like buying a single hard cover book from Barnes And Noble? As much as that store is great, buying a book from them usually begins with a bloody World War III within myself over the amount of cigarettes I could be buying instead. Other than that, this site may still be of productive use. What sets it apart from the rest is the diversity of Pagan news it has in store for anyone interested to read about.
*The Wiccan Way Link: 

Pagan Dreams 
Located in the United Kingdom for my UK readers, Pagan Dreams is a unique shop to consider trying out. I can't give much of my philosophy on prices since I don't know how the UK's money system works. The first thing that caught my eye was the "Starter Kits" section for those who are wanting to explore the practice of a specific tradition, metaphysical practice, or Wiccan concept, this company has created little "starter kits" that includes candles, appropriate herbs, and incenses to get you going on your exploration. I also happened to stumble into an unlikely section I didn't expect to find: a "Calligraphy & Documentation" section filled with handwriting and fancy writing galore, which abruptly compels me as a writer. Though I started Calligraphy as a mini hobby, it is a fantastic skill to learn to decorate your own Book of Shadows or Pagan texts yourself. It looks serene and beautiful, and will also give you a great skill to use for making extra cash for any fancy craft projects your friend may need done! Now that I'm done rambling about handwriting and such, take a journey on Pagan Dream's website if you'd like to learn more:
*Pagan Dreams Link: 

My Pagan Shopping Tips & Tricks! These were just several websites I have taken the time to study up on. There are plenty more out there. Whether shopping online or in a physical place, here are some economical lessons I learned while finding my own supplies.

1. Are you wanting to be cheap or do you not mind spending some extra bucks for looks? Most people want the cheapest and most convenient options, like me. For example, if you need new candles, you don't need to go on a spirituality shop to buy nicely carved candles for $7.50 a piece. Instead, go to your local dollar store and you'll be able to pick up an assortment of different colored candles for around $10.00, depending on how many candles you'd want to buy. You'd receive more candles by doing this, making the money well-spent. Though they may not look as classy, they serve the same purpose.

2. Looking for a cute notebook to use as your Book of Shadows? Look no further and save your money with this tip! Instead of going online and finding a notebook with a costly Pagan design, head to your local Walmart and replace it with a nice leather notebook instead or a professional-looking binder, depending on the organization method you'd prefer. It's easier and you'd get it sooner to start working with, right?

3. Research your prices. If shopping online for a certain product, compare prices with several Pagan websites to see which price is the cheapest you can find. If you aren't satisfied with those similar products, make Amazon or Ebay a last resort.

4. Make your own tools! If you're shopping for a wand or you want some mystical dream pillows, drop your searches and instead research on how to make such objects yourself. It gives you the element of challenge and it can be fun and lead to a new hobby. Making your own spiritual tools to work with will feel much more rewarding and will give them your own unique power. And, it will save you a boat-load of cash!

So, in conclusion...

Happy Shopping! :)