Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Is Magick, Anyway?

Throughout my time on the path of  the Witch, I've heard of several definitions for magick. We all have our own perceptions, but I cannot find my version of what magick is to me, leaving my knowledge-hungry mind wanting to have a moment of self-discovery.

Short History
In the 20th century, Thelema witch Aleister Crowley decided to make a difference of definitions for the word magic. Stage magic was known as magic, while Crowley added on the infamous K to "magick", what we know as a part of our spiritual practices. Stage magic is just a trick derived from illusions, my young friends. 

The Science of Magick
According to Wicca-Spirituality,  magick is the creative source that connects us to the Divine. Scientific theory states that energy is a huge counterpart in the world, alongside the concept of matter. Energy is like a fluid; it swims around in the atmosphere. Life forms create energy, including us. Magick is operated by all the energies we form and make. This is what magick thrives on.

Wicca's Explanation
I understand that many of my viewers may not follow the Wiccan path, but this will be the easiest way for me to explain magick at its finest. Take it as a group of spiritual facts or as a helpful example. Wicca states that magick is the creative power in the Universe that is linked to the Divine. Our souls hold pure spiritual Truth that links us to the use of magick. We cannot cast magick from the  material world. You see, magick is the connection between us and the Divine Source. Our souls represent that Divine being. We come from it through the spiritual world, not the physical. In order to practice magick effectively,  we must enter the spiritual world, also known as traveling into deeper consciousness.

What People Say Magick Is...
Commonly, people say that casting magick can manipulate our material lives in a positive or negative way, depending on the situation we desire to amplify with those creative energies out there. In my view, magick does not and cannot shape our physical realities, but instead the Divine leaves us with the right attitude, positivity, creativity, inspiration, and the extra push we need to enrich our own experiences. Also, the way we perceive our feelings, thoughts, and actions will determine how we see material reality. So, based on our perception of where we want to be, and then after using magick, we find that we can achieve whatever perception of a situation as we want from feeling spiritually nurtured. My thesis has been stated. I mean, if magick actually manipulated our target objectives, we'd have everything we want in the material world. That only happens in Disney movies. Magick is magickal in itself; I can see how it connects us to Divine Purpose. Can you?

Now...Try It!
Magick doesn't just focus on people or problems you want to charge up. It is also a fantastic exercise to receive guidance from your pantheons, God, Goddess; it's all the same name. Here are a few areas you can look into to try magick out:
1. Meditation
2. Visualization
3. Astral Projection
4. Energy Manipulation 
5. Quantum Science
6. Metaphysics

Magick is indeed an extent!! ;)