Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Path Is Right Or Wrong: Here's Why

No spiritual path is right or wrong to follow. Let me make this clear.

Many religions warmly welcome newcomers to their church or temple. They have dogma; total control and no acceptions to modify what their savior wrote. But, as Neo-Pagan traditions are born, I have a good feeling that spiritual differences still take place in covens.

We have the gift of creating our own dogma. Wicca has a few basic principles, but the rest is up to us and what soothes our heart's content. This is a benefit. Fortunately, I have never met a Pagan that told me my views are not acceptable to the million Pagans around me, but I'm sure someone in this world has gone through it. If this ever happens to you, just say, "There is no right or wrong path."

If you need a back up statement, add, "It's all about perception." 

So mote it be!