Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Reading

I'm officially going to drop my little bold greeting lines for now on. It's starting to bother me profusely!

My mind is running low on topic fuel, folks. Life is busy each and every day, and it's beginning to fry my creative juices into crisps. But, these past few nights I've been visiting other blogs to keep up with the Pagan community altogether, and many diverse posts reminded me of a hobby I used to love; reading. I had always loved reading stories since I was a child. I'll pick up the occasional book whenever I'm extremely bored and feel the need for entertainment. This hasn't happened in months! I came across some Pagan titles that are appealing to my eye. My inner voice is yelling, "Exercise your brain and READ!"

I have came up with a smart conclusion. Reading about areas I'm uneducated in would really help to open my mind and expand my knowledge so I can have more diversity and flavor in my posts. Literature unlocks a holy door that leads to the heaven of wisdom. Reading gives us clarity and information into new worlds we have never seen before and leaves us feeling refreshed. Reading can even give us sanity during fast-paced times in our schedules. It's quite a natural remedy to reduce stress and chaos, something I most definitely need! Reading and leaning through books has been neglected by me, a book lover, for a page-burning amount of time. I want to try to get caught up soon, but...

Any book recommendations?