Saturday, July 5, 2014

Royal Runes

Get out your pencil and paper, just like I had to for this post,

Runes.  So many people I've encountered lately have a high request to read about runes on my blog. I've been wanting to cover them for your enjoyment,  but research time has been slightly tight until now.

Runes developed in the early Germanic tribes as a Nordic source for divination.  They are small rocks that each has a symbolic letter for the ancient Nordic alphabet. The term 'rune' means, "secret, mystery, text; inscription or letter". In the typical rune set or alplabet, it's common to have between 24-25 letters for use. The first form of the Germanic rune alphabet was called Elder Futhark. Futhark were the first six letters in the alphabet, hence where the name came from. Let me be honest. I'm not knowledgable in all Pagan areas. I'm human. I don't want to ramble and stir you wrong, so this is a very, very,  very simple introduction. I don't want to make mistakes. Here's the rest I've understood. 

How Runes Are Used

The early people once created the runes. In times of needing guidance, they randomly selected runes and placed them in unknown orders. They developed their question that begged for an answer with full detail, and when ready, they'd focus their energy and "listen" to which runes' energies appealed to them, without one glance at any. They would glance at them after. Each rune has its own unique symbolism that tied to one Nordic God or Goddess. This is where the advice gave from. Simply, runes are an oracle just like Automatic Writing, the Ouija, I Ching, and more. Using runes requires a bright understanding of the Germanic tribe history, something that will turn this post into a complicated piece to follow. I personally study the early Celtic practices due to studying Wicca, so this topic is harder for me to accurately share with you. So, to conclude my basic introduction,  I'll leave you with the option on if you'd like to bring rune work into your practices or not. To find reliable information, look up the Nordic Pagan tradition and study their civilization.  That is the best and most honest advice I can give. Hopefully, my lack of trustworthy knowledge here will still help you learn a bit of something, if not lead you to something priceless in your life! Blessings!