Friday, July 4, 2014

Here's A Brief Introduction of Myself...

It's nice to meet you, World; 

I want to apologize for the late post today. I typically am successful with making two or three new posts a day, but today (in America, to my foreign readers!) is Independence Day and I have been away for many hours to celebrate the day of our freedom. I hope you've enjoyed my content so far. I also want to give you all a big THANK YOU for how quickly this blog has evolved for me. It gives me something new to look forward to while living my broke college kid life! :)

I'm not turning this post into a Pagan related subject. I want to tell you more about me as a person because Paganism doesn't define all I am. I won't submerge a bunch of your pleasant time just to talk about who this random blog Admin girl is. I shall keep it short and sweet, though I like an overdose of sugar in my coffee. :)

A Quick Synopsis 

My magickal name is Sullenmoon, as you know, but I'm not a strong believer in needing a magickal name so I'd prefer to be called Stacie. I lurk about through the shadows somewhere in the United States where mosquitoes like to nip near my ass (Yes, this just happened while I was starting to make carvings for a wand I'm building; I'm a blunt person) . Of course, I consider myself to be an Eclectic Wiccan. I like the way the Wheel of the Year turns so I enjoy following its spin cycle. I have a strong love for pot belly pigs. My love for them is so compulsive and obnoxious that I solemnly refuse to eat any pork. It's a little cheesy, but cheese is delicious. I'm a total coffee addict. I've always preferred night over day probably since birth. Naturally, I'm quite the night owl, and that's my main time to work on Midnight Candle for you all. Sometimes, my blogging days will be slower because I'm too tired to write something that will decently make sense. Warning is given.

I'm a devote writer. I started writing at the age of ten. I was big on the fantasy genre. I practically spent my teenage years hovering over a cheap desk in my bedroom writing my life away. I still am a teenager, I guess. I'll be twenty years old next April, so I've got one teen year left before my life becomes a living hell. In terms of writing, I've written a countless amount of short stories and poems. I've written several novellas over the last couple of years and I even created my first novel when I was fifteen. I still have it! I did spend a summer of my time attempting to be accepted by publishing companies, but it failed me for being so young. I'm striving to start up a fresh novel once I figure out which genre I want to break into. My life has changed dramatically since I was married to the fantasy genre, therefore I'm struggling now as a writer to decide which direction to take with my work. Is it time for a new change? I'm not sure yet. We'll see. For Midnight Candle, I would love to incorporate LGBT rights, animal issues, and sexual assault/domestic violence problems into my work here. These topics all matter to me as well and I'd love to give them a Pagan perspective further down the road. Maybe you'll like it!

Alongside writing, my other hobbies are making coffee, Yoga, snowboarding, watching crime documentaries (particularly homicides), drawing, reading, creating my own philosophy, exploration, painting, singing in Opera style, and wandering through the valleys of nature. Life is pleasant, but you can't eat the wild mulberries when you wander. Well, maybe you can. I don't know! Food is food. I like food, too.

Especially free food.

I could open the door for you to stroll around the house of my personality, but that place is a damn mansion. You'll get lost too easily. I do all the time. To sum it up, people describe me as creative, wild (only if they actually know me), independent, sentimental, artistic, accepting, nonjudgmental, understanding, while I can also be a huge contradicting factor over myself. I apologize in advance if you've already seen this through the blog posts, but it's a part of who I am. Anyways, thank you for helping Midnight Candle to grow. I'm enjoying the adventure everyday. I hope you have a wonderful night or day, depending on what your location is.

Oh, and I'm very strange. Take this into account over everything else.