Monday, July 21, 2014

Aura Introduction

I'd like to apologize for not writing a legitimate Pagan article in the past week or so. I've been busy but I feel energized with new ideas!

I would like to talk about the basic information on auras. An aura is an energetic field that lives around every being and it can distinguish their personality and innermost thoughts and feelings. Finding out someone's aura is done through medium-related readings, something of which I do not have the natural ability to do. Reading one's aura is a precise practice that needs patience to achieve a reading accurately. The community of spiritualists assign each aura or "vibe" I'd rather call it with a particular color that gives off certain feelings with one glance at someone. As a quick introduction, I'd like to show you the color meanings according to a chart I found and give my interpretations on the color meanings a go! Let's begin!

Of course, Red is a color that resembles burning passion, sometimes greed, but also shows a deep well of energy and passion. I highly agree with this description. Not too long ago, actually, I took a "Find Out Your Aura Color" quiz and my answer was Red. They say that if you fall under Red, you may struggle with a profound amount of fear or anger, which I do from childhood for sure.

Orange seems like a nice aura to have. It signifies having a radiance, so to speak. In my opinion, the downfall of being an Orange would be that you are positive about planning new projects, but your excitement tends to lead you astray from fulfilling your goals at times.

Yellow is the Sun. Bright, happy, and cheery. I wish I had the happiness and prosperity of a Yellow but I don't yet. Eagerness can lead to confusion in making decisions and I feel like being too optimistic can have the potential to lead to a deceitful end of an idea or relationship. That's just my take on it.

Like nature, Green auras tend to show peaceful souls. I think this color arrangement makes sense. At the same time, I felt slightly baffled by the meaning involving "deceitful". Would someone care to give their outlook on that for me?

To be honest, Blue is one of my favorite colors. It's proven to have a soothing effect and I think it does. Blue is known as the color of Spirit, something I like to investigate, leaving me with the conclusion that this aura would be spiritual in nature as the definition states. Meanwhile, how can a Blue aura make someone moody? I guess it's just human nature.

This one sounds accurate at heart. Purple shades often reflect on being spiritually active. Purple also has a strong tie to good intuition. If I could see an Indigo aura, its definition would give me that intuitive vibe instantly.

Highly spiritual, they say! This is just like Indigo, except there is a boost of spiritual wisdom in one who is a Violet. A Violet (in my mind) is someone who has lived a lifetime exploring spirituality.

A Valentine's Day favorite. The description says it all. :)

Grey sounds like someone who is very lost and emotionally isolated on their life journey. They lack enough love and self care. They need a huge change to spark the fire of passion within them again. Someone who is Grey has probably been through many misfortunes and struggles to find out how to rise above the past.

Black must be a severe form of Grey. I feel like a Black aura wouldn't cause physical death, but instead it'd be the death of that person's soul from falling too deep to be saved. This one seems very frigid and hollow. Could Black truly be repaired?

Brown auras tend to be related to someone who is too judgemental. Brown is a blank color, but it is also a color of the Earth, something that is far beyond blank. Does this make sense?

A perfect harmony between one's material and spiritual ways of life. Sounds right, but there isn't really a such thing as perfect. Maybe every Aura's energy gets recycled at bodily death and then we pass along with a White one.

Maybe I'll learn more about aura-reading as I progress! More to come soon, I promise.