Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pagan Teens: Career Ideas For You!

It's nice to talk to you all again,

I want this post to be dedicated to all Pagan teenagers that have stumbled here looking for advice or perspective to enrich their Pagan paths. Not only just their spiritual paths, but to enrich their decision- making in regards to careers that involve some form of their Pagan lifestyle as they move forward into college. Recently, graduations have been celebrated everywhere. It is that time of year where high school seniors prepare to say goodbye to their high school way of life and move onto new opportunities and challenges in college. If you are a new college student like I once was, unsure of what to study and where to take life next, then this post is geared toward you. Are you wanting to find a meaningful career to gain out of a college education that can relate back to your earthy lifestyle and Pagan beliefs? If so, I went through that struggle, too. I attended my nearest community college in hopes of walking down a stage in a robe to accept an Associate's degree one day. That dream became less of a dream when I signed up for General Education classes I had no desire to learn from. At the end of my freshman year, my GPA plummeted down the drain and I was despaired..not over my grades, but over the thought of, "What do I want to be and how do I want my Pagan lifestyle to contribute to something greater in the world?"

These are some careers I've personally researched and considered for myself when I was struggling with this choice. I hope they may be of interest to you! I will give a description in my own words, and if you're more interested, definitely take some time to do further research on your own. :)

1) Licensed Massage Therapist: Massage Therapy is what I chose and am currently enrolled in at my school. Massages are relaxing, of course. They relieve your client's physical and mental aches. Human touch is a soothing thing. With the right expertise and a selection of modalities (different types of pressure and massage techniques) you can learn as you expand your education, you can (on average) complete this schooling in one year. You can also incorporate other holistic practices into massages such as aromatherapy, for example to enhance the client's experience.

2) Landscaping: Do you feel as if you strictly want to work outdoors, always? Landscaping may be for you. If you have an interest in construction or creating aesthetically-pleasing environments, landscaping can be a fit for you, especially from your love and appreciation for the outdoors.

3) Aromatherapist: Indulging our senses can help us to alleviate our thoughts and emotions. This is what an Aromatherapist aims to do. Currently, there are many ways to be successful with an education in aromatherapy. It is used in many holistic healthcare environments or you can work within a spa or in sales. There are many options that you can research into for more clear information.

4) Reiki Healer: Reiki Healers use healing energy on their client to help induce relaxation to help the client with any stress or medical condition that may be impairing their quality of life.However, a Reiki Healer cannot diagnose any illness or prescribe medications. This can also be implemented into a professional massage. 

5) Naturopathic Doctor: A Naturopathic Doctor is a healthcare provider in regards to naturopathic medicine, otherwise known as holistic or alternative medicine strategies to help their patient's condition. These doctors can perform minor surgeries, such as stitching up superficial skin injuries or removing cysts. The Naturopathic Doctor's aim is to use very natural remedies to help. 

6) Running a Pagan Business (Online or in Real Life): This is a much more liberal idea, so I can't give specifics as to what a Pagan Business owner would accomplish other than selling their merchandise. Setting up a Pagan store in your community is a fantastic way to open the door to more acceptance and curiosity within your town. For this, you would have to go into Business school. That education will help you prepare for building a successful establishment.  

7) Tarot Card Reader/Psychic Reading Services: Of course, this one is slightly similar to Job Idea #6. This would be a career idea that will settle into managing yourself as your own boss. Do you love dabbling with divination methods? Do you have a keen sense on fanning out an accurate card? Becoming more of an expert card reader could help you find a self-employment opportunity you may thrive in. 

These are only a few ideas I've ever come across for myself. There are so many more to consider! Do you have any ideas? Please let me know in the comments below and please subscribe! I hope this helped!