Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Very Important Update...

I have very unfortunate news...

My laptop was stolen at my college on Tuesday. I filed it as a missing report with my county's police department but the odds of me getting it back seem very slim. That being said, writing here is going to be quite chaotic until either A) I save up and buy myself a new laptop. B) I have my old laptop fixed and blog from home. C) The police miraculously find this laptop. I'm very disappointed with everything. But, just because my second baby (a baby alongside my guinea piglet, Presley) was stolen by some bitch at my school, I still have enough resources to write here. Everyone, please thank Blogspot for having their mobile app "Blogger" out! Without it, MC would not be able to happen anymore. Now, let's hope my Android doesn't slip from my hand and never return...! 
There is the first piece of bad news. I'm not done yet.

I need to prioritize my everyday responsibilities. I've come to the conclusion that I will publish one new post every Friday. I need to learn how to balance my time between school, finding work, friends, and my boyfriend.  I love writing, talking, and learning, but I need to jump over some hurdles in order to make this work.
Please don't let these occurrences convince you not to continue reading. They are only minor setbacks though they don't feel that way now. The show is still going on.