Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oracle And Tarot: Tonight's Session

This post is without a doubt dedicated to my good friend, Ally, who re-introduced me to the practice of oracles and tarot cards tonight! I thought it'd be fun to share what our reading session was like with all of you lovely, wonderful, and beautiful readers out there!

Ally enthusiastically drove us out to her favorite coffee shop. When we arrived, she rushed to the counter, ordered two coffees (They were straight up espresso shots. It was great!), and showed me over to a comfy black leather couch and together we sat. I watched as she took out her brand new "House of Night" tarot cards, dedicated to the Greek Goddess of night, Nyx. My eyes were stuck on the dark theme. The pictures were wonderful and conveyed the messages well. Taking a sip of fine espresso, Ally tugged out the cards and we began. I won't be mentioning every question we asked, because that would take about an hour of your precious time.

You see, Ally was extremely close to her late grandmother until she left this world in 2011. Her grandmother's death has always taken a huge emotional toll on her, and she sometimes can sense when her grandmother is around guiding her. We were sitting there in the shop, fiddling around with the glorious pack of cards, asking a diversity of questions about our lives and analyzing them like geeks analyze their homework. She took her next round, as we called it, and she pulled out a card and nervously placed it facing downward on the coffee table in front of us. She flipped it over and I watched a stream of emotion dominate her face. The card said "Love."

"Your face, dude! What did you ask?" I eagerly asked.

"I asked my grandma if she is proud of everything I've done so far." Ally said, laughing about how she didn't want to cry in public. I had two interesting rounds. My first question was related to my death anxiety and questioning if there's an afterlife. I asked, "How can I find out if there might be an afterlife?" I shuffled the cards, chose the one that stuck out to me, and flipped it upward on the table. The image was of a beautiful waterfall with a young woman. It said, "Letting Go."

I am diagnosed with OCD, and if I get anxious about something, my mind clings to it for months on end. This happened when we found out my family's dog, Cody, was diagnosed with a few months left to live. When I heard the news, I became anxious and obsessive over if I'd ever see him again when my time comes. The card called "Letting Go" said something about me needing to let it stop clinging to me so I can find peace instead of worrying about an answer I will probably never get. My loved ones have told me to let it go in the past. I did get a bit emotional, but I found the card's answer to be amazingly accurate. The next question I asked was related to a once chaotic relationship that is now (what seems to be) a healthy friendship. Several things have gone on with that individual lately that makes me question their credibility. So, I asked, "What can I expect my relationship [with them] to be?" I shuffled the cards and my answer was "Chaos." I was instantly startled. The card warned me to find shelter within a storm that may be arriving with that said person. Ally and I laughed it off a bit as she constantly said my name should be Captain Obvious.

When we packed up and left, we got in the car and drove off to a local grocery store and picked up some soda and milk for her parents. We instantly started up another round of tarot before we said goodbye for the night. Overall, it was an interesting point of perspective I received about some things in my life. If you haven't tried tarot, I highly recommend considering it. I'm off to watch some Netflix and relax for the rest of my night. Thank you for reading and I hope to write again very soon!