Friday, July 11, 2014

Share Your Pagan Tattoos On Midnight Candle!

Hey there,

I value all forms of art including tattoos. I know several people that decided to get a spirituality tattoo inked on them and I'd love to let you all share your Pagan/spiritual tattoos on Midnight Candle as an element of artwork for the blog. It would bring up fun discussion and involve everyone who desires to be involved. I'm giving this sudden idea a go.

I would appreciate any brave souls who had a spiritual tattoo done on them to share it with the other readers! :)

If you're interested, here's the scoop:

Submission Requirements
Please send me a picture of your tattoo to with your name and a brief description of your tattoo's meaning to you and why you decided to ink it. All credit will go to you, so please leave a first name in your submission email so you'll have credit for the picture.
*If your tattoo shows anything profane or explicit or that's unrelevant to Pagan spirituality,  please refrain from sending. These will not be included.
*The pictures will be uploaded quite soon when I am ready to publish everything I receive.
Thank you once again for all your time! This will be fun!