Friday, July 11, 2014

Full Moon Magickal Properties

All hail the Goddess!

I just realized the Full Moon is tonight with a special twist added on, so I would love to take this short amount of free time I have to tell you all about the Full Moon and its strong magickal properties and what type of spells or rituals will be heightened from this moon's enchanted power. You'll learn more about how we benefit from the Full Moon scientifically as well.

Magickal Properties
The Fullest Moon of the cycle is the most spiritually powered force in the lunar cycle. This is the time where magick of all sorts is at its finest. If you're planning to do rituals on this merry night, these are some good prayers to enhance with magick at this time:
Tool blessing, spiritual development, concentration, personal prosperity/growth; in my mind the Full Moon's power is splendid for any kind of magickal performance. Remember it is the most intense night of the lunar cycle, where Goddess is at her best moment.

Scientific Lore of the Full Moon
These are some fun facts. The Full Moon is at its best peak of controlling water stability in the oceans. Also, legend has it that this moon does impact emotions in everyone around us. Personally, I don't know if I can believe that, but you never know!

July 12: Our Next "Super Moon"
A Super Moon is quite interesting. Studies say that a Super Moon is a period in which either the New Moon or the Full Moon is at its closest range to Earth during its orbit. The scientific name for this rare moon moment is called a "lunar perigee" Tonight (in the Northern Hemisphere as far as I know), this special perigee will occur. Does it have any particular magickal meaning? Probably not. I'd like to think of it as Goddess coming in closer to us to say an ultra shining hello! :)

To conclude this so I can go to sleep; Enjoy the lovely Full/Super Moon tonight!! Blessed Be!