Monday, June 20, 2016

Broken Friendships/Relationships: Advice From A Pagan Perspective

I want you to know that this article contains a universal topic. Everyone in every part of the world has experienced some sort of heartbreak within a friendship or relationship that they held dear. Ally and I are currently going through the potential loss of friendships we held much meaning to in our lives. These people made our souls smile, but now our smiles have disappeared and turned upside down into constant frowns of shame and doubt. Pain is a spider web that weaves humanity together. We've all experienced grief towards someone in our lives that was still on this Earth with us. They left us. They shattered our hopes and desires. They abandoned us, throwing us into a darkened forest and casting us to the wolves that want to hunt us. We are in disgust with that person, yet our hearts still yearn for them during their absence. We ask ourselves, "Why do I still care after they betrayed me?" Well, I can give you that answer; you have formed an emotional attachment to that person and that in itself is healthy. But, when we care more than they ever will about us, why do we still leave a grip?

That answer can only come in your own thoughts about your personal experience.

We all seek out love and compassion. Of course, some friendships or romantic relationships take their course and we are left alone, fighting to survive the change in our lives we were not wanting to live through. We wanted that person to be there with us until the end. Sometimes, that cannot happen. Some people I believe are truly meant to be in our lives and will come back to us when the time is right. In other cases, when someone we love leaves us, it may have happened for the greater good that we would not rather try to process or come to an honest conclusion to about. The Universe knows its ways. It knows how to work alongside destiny and fate. The Universes will never stray us off on the wrong path if it is inherently meant to be the right one for us to follow. Sometimes, the Universe can lead us into emotionally painful situations (such as losing someone you deeply cared for) to teach us incredible lessons that will help us later in life. It is always hard to think of that during the initial ending of a friendship or relationship but during this hard time (if you're currently going through something similar), please try to utilize your own Pagan faith and consider this Pagan advice:

The Universe loves us on an infinite level. The astounding love the Universe has for us is beyond our mortal comprehension, but the love is ultimately there for us to confide in and to use to steer us onto a fantastic life journey. May the glittering of the stars remind you that you are not lost in this rough patch; let the light of the moon remind you that your heartbreak has some form of importance to your development spiritually. If need be, light a candle as you read this. Inhale and exhale slowly, allowing ease to dismiss your emotional tension. Reflect on the Universe; what does it personally mean to you? The Universe as we know it now is endless. It is always there, no matter wherever you go. The Universe has no end for its love for your soul. It's love will always persevere.  The powers of the Universe connect us to everything within ourselves and to others. We are all still interconnected even though we may feel lost without someone else. Take some time to meditate upon your current situation. Use any form of divination you'd like to ask the Universe questions in regards to your situation. Let the Universe fill your heart with love and truth. It always will. <3